Do livro em papel

"(…) the print-on-paper book has certain qualities that are valued by readers and that the ebook can never capture or reproduce. The book is an aesthetically pleasing form, a work of art in its own right with a stylish cover and attractive design which is gratifying to hold, to open and to own. It is also exceptionally user friendly: nothing is easier than turning the pages of a book and reading clear text on white paper. The eyes are not strained and you can move back and forth with ease. It never runs out of batteries, it never freezes up and it doesn’t break if you drop it. A book, moreover, is a social object: it can be shared with others, borrowed and returned, added to a collection, displayed on a shelf, cherished as something valued by its owner and taken as a sign of who they are and what matters to them, a token of their identity."

John B. Thompson in 'Merchants of Culture': The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century'